Reaching out to the lost.

11492-bible-pray-woman-study-read-1200w-tnI met these missionaries through a friend. Their lives have been challenging me, and their method of reaching out very simple but effective. From my experience just within these few days trying to speak with different people, I can say that we are all overqualified and underemployed. We need to move out and be actively involved in reaching out.

A Friend of mine introduced us to each other, I got to learn about their work and how they are reaching out to unbelievers around. This method is very effective and will be useful

First I met them at home at a gathering (which I later got to know is called Open House) to tell us about their work. We had a nice fellowship together, shared a meal, discussed a little before we got to the main thing. Saw a presentation and then got to play the game.  I also got my own; one of the best gifts ever for me.

My first experience speaking with someone actually opened up a new world to me: this was someone who had a lot of questions, who had asked questions and gotten all sorts of answers, and was passionate about his answers.

We are come together on Sundays in our best attires and meet up in our own comfort zones, leaving the main work we are supposed to be involved in unattended to. It’s like a doctor- or nurse since Christ is the doctor decides to sit and watch patients die. Stop! Get out and reach out.

Stop! Get out and reach out.

It is very important to look at the whole process of discipleship again as a model to help us in evangelism. Discipleship never ends, we are always learning, but that does not stop the disciple from discipline others. He or She helps to raise others, at the same moment he is also growing.


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