Из моего окна

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Landscape.”

Looking out of my window,I see.
So does every one. From the
early risers each morning to the late,

We all see different calibers of people.

Looking out of my window now, i see
the ever busy street, Улица Кольцовская,
vehicles passing now and then,even though
the frequency reduces past midnight.

looking out of my window, i see,
I see the poor and the rich,
the young and and the old,
the happy and the sad(o yeah i do!)

Looking out of my window, i see
People, people with all sorts of problems,
people with all sorts of concerns,
people who need me, and you!

We all look out of our windows, and see,
But what do you see?
We all look out,but where do you look into?
what do you see?

Are you moved by the bad news around
the world? Are you moved by BOKO HARAM
in Nigeria,Isis in the middle east,
or Charlie hebdo massacre in france?

I see, but what i see, makes me
loose my спокойно. So tell me,
when you look out of your window,

world unique


Что интересная неделя!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Once again,
I became a like a little baby,
who could not understand,
and could not really be understood!
Once again became like a toddler,
learning to speak well.

once again, there i was,
limited in word supply,
having just a few in my register.

Imagine watching a new movie,
and the audio comes on and off always,
you must(должен) fill up the blanks!

Save for maths class,
i understood not what i heard,
But i was learning,
learning another’s language!